New Video! – Sony Unveil PS4 Virtual Reality Headset and Next PS4 Update!


Whats happening people, this is a video about the PS4 virtual reality headset and the next PS4 update!
Whats happening youtube!

before I kick this video, i want to give a shout to the fullscreen family and the people over there, especially my girl Shay, if you like your vLoggers and a bit of gaming, check her out, i understand she’s doing a deadspace 3 play through soon! My man Matt who goes by MyNameIsYeovil and The canadian conundrum 00Yarko ! Their links will be on the side of my channel and in the description below, but lets get started!

My first news video in a while but this is big news, Sony has finally unveiled its headset and have announced plans to bring out an update in the coming weeks that adds multiple features that they did promise. Firstly though, the headset.

So on the 18th of March Sony held their conference at GDC and there wasn’t a live stream available so I had to follow IGN’s blogpost.. They posted about the next big thing and creating innovation for the future. about 15 minutes into the conference they unveiled the headset. Now while its a beautiful bit of kit and brings an experience like no other, they announced that it is a prototype so far and they have 3 demos available to test for the people attending GDC.

The control systems it will use are in the Dualshock 4, The PS Move controllers and also in the PS4 camera and they joked ‘its almost as if it was built for the virtual reality headset as Richard Marks delivered a cheeky wink’.

They named it Project Morpheus and that name was supposedly decided a week before GDC. Its believed to be named Morpheus not after the matrix character but after the God named Morpheus who has the ability to take human form and appear in dreams, that makes more sense than a guy who runs around with legless glasses and speaks in riddles. There will be a link in the description below to an article with everything you need to know.

How do I feel about the virtual reality headset. Now this is my personal opinion and you don’t have to agree but I personally feel that virtual reality is a gimmick and it will flop. These things are going to cost Sony a fortune to develop and they won’t sell as much in my eyes. Remember Playstation Move? true motion tracking unlike its counterpart over at nintendo and no developer truly supported the Playstation Move, there weren’t many move games created and that soon lost steam. Now while I understand that Sony have a lot of the most popular game engines and companies on board with the headset idea, its all about which developers use those engines and to create what game. Like I said, like motion controls, the virtual reality concept and product is nothing but a gimmick to my eyes, feel free to disagree but thats my 2 cents.

On to the stuff that I actually give a shit about though… NEW PS4 UPDATE ADDING MAJOR Features.

Alright so Sony have announced a new update coming in a few weeks will allow several features to be activated in the PS4 system: Here are the major features of the update:

Headline features:
– Rich video editor
– HDCP off option for capturing gameplay via HDMI
– Export captures to USB
– Twitch Archiving
– preparation for more features coming in future

Finally the update everyone has been waiting for… HDCP off option! Youtubers rejoice as you can now, after this update, use your can use your capture card without strippers, splitters or signal converters. This should have been available out of the box but Sony kept their promise and delivered. A rich video editor that will probably match an equivalent of Windows movie maker is coming, Twitch Archiving is also coming, something the XBOX One currently does and you can now export captures to USB which theoretically makes Capture cards useless, however I understand that it is limited.

Anyway, That is all for me for today, hope you enjoyed this video and gameplay

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