New Video! – EA Sports UFC Review | GamerClipsTV

This is a review done for GamerClipsTV of EA Sports UFC. You can find the transcript below.

GamerClipsTV is basically a video sharing site for gamers and they’ve asked me to do reviews and whatnot, now this has been a long time coming but theres been a few issues with my network, however, me and GamerClipsTV came to an agreement.

The review will be based on Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, often times the Multiplayer, What I enjoyed about the game, what I didn’t enjoy and I will then score it out of GC Tokens, my made up GamerClipsTV value for review ratings if you will.

I want to say that reviews are a funny thing for me, I don’t follow reviews because they’re based on other peoples thoughts, things are always better when experienced first hand.

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